Depression and Anxiety – Who’s Supporting Sufferers and Families?

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and other mental illnesses are major reasons many people are unable to return to work. Whether you are a sufferer of any of these or this is the situation for one of your family members it’s critical that you get the support necessary in all areas of your life.

PTSD and TPD Insurance

Sadly, the prevalence of PTSD continues to increase and many people are unable to return to work because of their illness. People with PTSD aren’t simply dealing with the direct depression and anxiety symptoms but many struggle with sleep problems, cardiovascular disease and obesity amongst a raft of other issues. It’s therefore imperative that where […]

Empathy and Understanding – How we work together to make your claim

We can’t think of too many worse things than someone with an injury that is keeping them from work not being able to get the support and access the services they desperately need. So many people find themselves in situations where they are not only having to deal with the reality of injury, but with […]

Mental Health and TPD Claims?

Whilst we still have a long way to go, people are becoming more open about discussing mental health issues. PTSD, depression and anxiety are no longer as taboo as before and a more mature conversation is developing. In fact, each year approximately one in every four Australians will experience a mental illness. That makes mental […]

How long will it take to assess my TPD claim?

This is a very interesting question. Our Principal Lawyer, Warren Bennett, has been running TPD claims for over 7 years, and in Warren’s time, he has seen varying time frames from different Insurers. However, since 1 July 2017, there is now a 6-month time frame Insurers have to assess TPD claims, providing all the relevant […]