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Cannot work due to injury or illness?

Our trustworthy TPD Lawyers in Sydney can help you claim your entitlements, easily!

We deliver steady support in your challenging times because we understand how hard you have worked to provide substantially for your family and to maintain a lifestyle that fulfils the needs of your loved ones.

Unfortunately, life does not always go to plan and an unexpected Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) can impact upon your abilities to work, earn income, pay bills, and support your family.

Such situations can quickly become scary, stressful and overwhelming but rest assured, the team at WKB Lawyers are specialised experts in the niche area of TPD.

We are prepared to guide and support you through your time of uncertainty. Let us shed some light on TPD claims and how WKB Lawyers can help you secure the best financial payout.

WKB TPD Lawyers in Sydney: Name you can trust

At WKB Lawyers, we articulacy demonstrate broad experience in Superannuation Law which means we are experienced in claiming Disability Insurances with minimal delays.

We will proudly handle your case from the beginning when you choose us, to the completion of your successful claim and payout.

We are reliable in the field of Superannuation therefore we are confident in our abilities to perceptively guide you through entire the claims process.

Our TPD Lawyers always apply meticulous care and time into delivering well-driven structured TPD claims that are personalized for each individual Client’s situation and needs.

The TPD process is more than just a insurance claim; to us, it’s a matter of pride that so many clients choose to entrust us with their claims.

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Understanding TPD claims

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) is a type of Life Insurance that allows you to receive a lump sum payout (when and if) you become totally and permanently disabled and no longer able to work as per the Policy’s Terms and Conditions. Our reliable and trustworthy TPD Lawyers in Sydney can assist you in obtaining the highest possible compensation outcome.

Total and Permanent Disability

When you prove (medical documents or any other proof) that you are unable to work in your regular occupation (as per your policy) due to physical impairment, mental disability, or illness; you will be regarded as having a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD). Depending on your Insurance Policy, you may still be eligible to file a claim if you can be retrained to work in a different field in the future.

Why choose WKB TPD Lawyers in Sydney for your TPD Superannuation Claim?

TPD Insurance can only be claimed once (this means, you are probably claiming your first TPD claim).

We know that this process is complex, stressful and tiresome which is why we would highly recommend implementing an experienced TPD Insurance Lawyer to ensure the success of your claim. The TPD Insurance Lawyers at WKB Lawyers will assist you to obtain the best possible TPD outcome for your circumstances.

Contact us for a TPD Insurance Lawyer and we will help you to receive the best advice possible catered to your situational needs. Don’t wait, call us today!

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