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Unable to work due to severe injury, illness, or disability? You may be entitled to a lump-sum payment through your Superannuation or Insurance Policy.

Most Superannuation and Insurance providers have policies that offer financial assistance (for a minimum of three months) if you are unable to work due to injury, illness, or disability. One can easily find out whether they are eligible for Disability Insurance or Superannuation Insurance Claims by checking the information provided in their policies and TPD Superannuation Claim eligibility.

Understanding the terms and conditions of Insurance Policies can be challenging, especially if you lack complete legal knowledge. If you experience confusion about certain terms mentioned in an Insurance Policy or feel overwhelmed with the paperwork, let us help you!

Our TPD Claim Lawyers will help you realise where you stand and provide tailored advice on Superannuation Law. WKB TPD Lawyers’ Superannuation and Insurance Experts can help you gain access to a range of benefits associated with Insurance Policies thus allowing you to get your life back on track. We will be with you every step of the way – from the start to the final payout.

Need help accessing your full insurance benefit? or Have you had a superannuation insurance claim rejected? Speak to our TPD Superannuation Claim Experts today!

Am I Eligible for a Payment from my Superannuation Insurance Claims Policy?

You are eligible for a Superannuation Insurance Claim if you are suffering from an injury or illness that prevents you from working for at least three months. Other influential factors include:

  • An employer paying compulsory Superannuation;
  • Private Income Protection or Disability Insurance; and/or
  • Death of a Person – such as your partner or parent who provided financial support. In such circumstances, you can claim Death Benefits from the deceased’s Superannuation or Insurance Policy.

If you are facing challenges or are unsure about the claim process and your eligibility, speak with one of our Superannuation Law Experts.

superannuation insurance claims
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How Much Superannuation Can I Claim?

The amount claimable will depend on the condition of your injury, health issue, or disability as well as the terms of your Insurance Policy. Most Superannuation and Insurance providers have policies that can help ease the financial burden during such challenging times by providing monetary aid in the form of a lump sum or a monthly payment.

Our TPD Claim Experts can help you identify your Insurance Policy, evaluate your situation, and provide legal advice on the value of your claim. We can also help expedite the claim process and ensure your future security.

Why Trust Our Superannuation Claims Lawyers?

Our Team of Superannuation Claims and TPD Claims Lawyers are well-versed in Superannuation Law and can undertake the burdensome responsibilities of:

  • Liaising with your Insurer;
  • Completing required paperwork;
  • Gathering evidence, facts, and details supporting your inability to work; and
  • Ensuring you receive the Superannuation benefits to which you are entitled.

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