We can’t think of too many worse things than someone with an injury that is keeping them from work not being able to get the support and access the services they desperately need. So many people find themselves in situations where they are not only having to deal with the reality of injury, but with the financial and personal stress that accompanies it.

At WKB TPD Lawyers, we have a deep understanding of the pressures and fears our clients. This understanding drives us to provide a service built on empathy, respect and understanding. This starts with our flexibility in coming to our clients and extends to our goal to create a team around you that is working to help you successfully claim so you can move on positively with your life.

Most people who are making TPD claims are going through significant personal stress. Over the years it has frustrated us working in the industry that a lot of the bigger players just treat these clients as numbers with very little invested in them individually. They tend to just be all about volume, processing claims en masse and never investing time or creating a process for each individual client. At WKB TPD Lawyers, we will be on the journey with you each step of the way and ensure we deliver on our



For us, approaching the process as a team is crucial both so we can get the best outcome for you, but also so we can give you the best experience in what is a very difficult situation.


In our view our clients should feel:

    • Fully informed and up to date. Communication is absolutely critical at a time when our clients are generally under both personal and financial stress. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are alone and we do our best to make sure you are supported.


    • Trusting of us so that they never feel they can’t pick up the phone. As we are a no win, no fee firm you never have to worry about paying for phone calls. We can’t work together if you are concerned about picking up the phone or dropping us an email.


  • They have clarity on the process. Making a claim and the assessment of the claim is a process that takes skill and time. It is important for us to make sure our clients understand the steps we have to go to, the timing of when things will happen, and when they should get an answer.



Practically speaking, from our first meeting it is important for us to emphasises the teamwork required to get the best outcome. Whether we are giving you information on what you can do next, advising you on how to manage the medical professionals you need to deal with, or making sure we have the best information possible to make the best claim we can it is crucial that we are all on the same page working as a team.

At WKB TPD Lawyers, being empathetic is not a tactic or a hollow value we put on the wall. It is part of our very process to ensure you can trust us enough so that we can work together to get the best outcome for you. It means that from the start, we are able to take a little bit of the stress off your plate so you can focus on managing your situation.