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Who are we?

If you have stopped work due to injury or illness and are unlikely to return to work within your education, training or experience in other words, your resume, then you may be eligible to make a TPD claim. Unlike other law firms, WKB TPD Lawyers solely practise in TPD claims.

WKB Lawyers provides a high level of service to clients who can no longer return to work. The TPD Claims Process can be a daunting task but we simplify this process by handling your case from start to finish and explaining things in simple terms so that you can concentrate on your treatment.

Why Choose Us?

WKB TPD Lawyers act on a No Win, No Fee guarantee and specialise in TPD claims, meaning we have the knowledge, experience and expertise that other firms don’t have.

WKB Lawyers has successfully claimed over 250 TPD claims since January 2020. This equates to around $85 million in insurance payouts for our clients.

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Recent Wins


TPD Benefit amount: $1,791,784.05

First name of client: Nicholas

Injury/illness: 5 back fusions


In 2014, Nick had his first back fusion, a further fusion in 2018 in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the fusion was not successful, Nick and his wife flew back to Australia for further surgery.
The TPD claim was submitted with the IPI claim in late 2019. In April 2020 a further two surgeries were performed.In June 2020, the insurer issued a procedural fairness. The client continued with insurer, stating that he was unable to complete his duties under his ‘own occupation,’

In October 2020, further surgery preformed due to failure of previous surgery, the claim was further declined.

WKB Lawyers came on board, and while a further 3 months passed with writing submissions and providing evidence. It took, writing an executive complaint to point out the facts of the case and the reasons why the client is unable to continue under his own occupation policy.

The claim was overturned and paid and now we have an interest claim has been lodged with AFCA, as the claim should have been paid in October 2020.


TPD Benefit amount: $154,000

First name of client: Fiona

Injury/illness: Mental Health, depression, anxiety.


Fiona submitted her claim with SunSuper. When her claim was declined due to not meeting the ANY occupation definition, she requested WKB Lawyers to review the decision.

On receipt of reviewing the procedural fairness it was determined that and independent medical review by a physiatrist was required. We summarise the claim for the psychiatrist and provide all the medical reports and request the doctor to answer very specific questions which takes into account the definition, the facts of the matter.

A re submission to the insurer was provided with the material evidence. The claim decision was overturned within 6 weeks.


TPD Benefit amount: $2,500,000.00

First name of client: Ian

Injury/illness: Mental Health


In 2018, Ian ceased work due to his Mental health.

The TPD claim was submitted by Ian in June 2019, accompanied by treating doctor reports from his specialist.

In September 2020, the insurer issued a procedural fairness. This letter stated that our client had a high likely hood of returning to work within his education, training and experience.

WKB Lawyers were instructed to review the claim to see if our client has prospects of having his TPD claim overturned. After reviewing all the evidence, it was found that there were some evidentiary gaps in the medical evidence. Therefore, WKB Lawyers were instructed to take over the claim with a nice, fixed fee cost agreement.

WKB lawyers then proceeded with technical submissions including the use of some decided case law in support that our client was TPD.

We were very proud to contact the client and let him know that his TPD claim was overturned and paid in January 2021


TPD Benefit amount: $2,216,000.00

First name of client: Des

Injury/illness: Mental Health, Knee and Shoulder


In 2020, Des ceased work due to his Mental health, Knee and Shoulder issues.

Our client decided to have a Lawyer lodge the claim on his behalf to take the stress away and to make sure his claim was guided to a successful conclusion. The client contacted several firms and after a meeting with Warren, decided to go with WKB Lawyers because of experience and good fixed fee.

After gathering the medical evidence necessary, The TPD claim was submitted by WKB Lawyers on 4 September 2020, accompanied by treating doctor reports from his specialist, medical evidence from CSC and the claim forms along with the support of some strong submissions.

Unfortunately, the Insurer had made some errors in the initial assessment by requesting irrelevant reports and after 5 months, WKB Lawyers made a complaint that the claims assessor did not have the skills necessary to assess the claim. Our clients claim was then past onto another “more senior” case assessor. The claim was then assessed as to whether our client provided full and frank disclosure. Overall, the Insurer took a very tough and tortured approach to our clients TPD claim.

After complaints to the executive team and more technical submissions including the use of some decided case law in support that our client was TPD.

We were very proud to contact the client and let him know that his TPD claim was approved for the full amount and paid in September 2021.


TPD Benefit amount: $105,118.24,

First name of client: Trevor

Injury/illness: Cervical Spine injury, Lumbar spine


Trevor had been working in the construction industry where his duties entailed lifting heavy bags of render, heavy physical labour and operating a hoist. Unfortunately, due to a workplace injury moving 14 bags of render 3 times, our client noticed immediate lower back pain that developed which radiated through his neck and left arm.

In mid-2021, Trevor reached out to WKB Lawyers to run both his TPD claims with CBUS and BUSSQ. We quickly collected all of Trevor’s existing reports from his Workcover claim and requested Medical Attendant Statements from two of Trevor’s primary treating Doctors.

We were able to lodge the claims quickly with both funds. Our client was also in financial hardship so WKB acted quickly, and also lodged a Permanent incapacity claim with the trustee for CBUS, which took less than a week to be approved. Shortly after, both TPD claims were approved.


TPD Benefit amount: $130,742.89

First name of client: Christopher

Injury/illness: Back injury – Lumbar, Shoulder injury – Left Shoulder, Mental Health


Chris had initially injured himself 1996, when he was working to lift engines from cars and found that after 3 months, our clients back was starting to hurt and cause issues, after 6 months he started seeing his doctor as it was impacting his capacity to work. Unfortunately, our client was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis. Chris attempted to use consistent pain relief and exercises to try and extend his work life.

In 2008, Chris had a spinal fusion which did give some relief for a few years, however, the surgery noted severe degenerative lumbar disc disease. In 2017, his injuries escalated, and he was offered light duties but was unable to use his left arm and consistent chronic back pain.

Chris was referred to WKB Lawyers in April 2021, and we quickly worked with Chris to obtain all relevant medical evidence. WKB Lawyers then promptly submitted the claim in mid-July. Within in a month, we had obtained a successful outcome, by taking the time collect and corroborate all evidence for the fund prior to submission.


TPD Benefit amount: $348,000.00

First name of client: Susan

Injury/illness: Major depressive disorder, adjustment disorder and respiratory reaction from inhalation of chemical.


In 2019 Susan ceased working due to a decline in her mental health following workplace incident, she unfortunately could not return to the work she was educated, trained, or had experience in. WKB invested the time to ensure that we were able to obtain all the required evidence to lodge a successful claim. We drafted a detailed submission and after a short 8 weeks the claim was formally approved.


TPD Benefit amount: $617,985.00

First name of client: David

Injury/illness: Parkinson’s Disease


In 2017 David was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He continued to work up until July 2021. David contacted WKB to assist with his TPD Claim, while we were waiting for the Waiting Period to lapse, we were obtaining the required medical evidence. We were able to lodge his claim with all the relevant medical evidence in September 2021 and a decision was made within 7 weeks.


TPD Benefit amount: $300,000

First name of client: Caleb

Injury/illness: Myotonic Dystrophy


Caleb had three TPD claims. He lodged all three claims himself. Two claims were successful, however Caleb was issued Procedural Fairness for the third claim.

Caleb contacted WKB Lawyers to assist with providing a response. After reviewing the Caleb’s file, it was noted that due to the complications with his employment, it would be very difficult to provide the required information for the fund to make a favourable outcome.

WKB Lawyers were able to determine Caleb met the conditions of a different TPD definition. We then obtained specific further medical reports in line with the alternative definition and submitted a detailed response to procedural fairness.

Caleb’s claim was approved four weeks after submitting Procedural Fairness response.


TPD Benefit amount: $1,000,000.00

First name of client: Delon

Injury/illness: Mental Health


Delon approached WKB Lawyers regarding the prospect of a TPD claim.

Delon had also returned home overseas to assist with his recovery but made the prospect of lodging a claim himself more complicated.

Due to Delon’s ongoing medical conditions he didn’t feel he could handle the claim himself.

WKB Lawyers was able to work through these hurdles along with the support of his treating doctors and Delon’s claim was approved in six months.

What is Total and Permanent Disability TPD Insurance?

If you have stopped work due to injury or illness and are unlikely to return to work within your education, training or experience, then you may be eligible to make a TPD claim. Warren Bennett, Principal/Director,  and his team explains in the video what the basic eligibility criteria is when making a TPD claim.

Check out our video where we explain what TPD insurance is and a whole lot more.

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Tips and FAQ’s

Warren’s experience is rare. He has had the advantage of working on both sides of the fence which means that his tips are both practical and insightful.



  • 5 star review  5 stars is all that I can give, but Warren deserves more. Not only did he find super for us, but got both our TPD claims approved without us doing much except to sign forms. I cant thank Warren enough, he kept us update throughout the process and even replied back to me on Sundays. Thanks Warren, you truly are an expert in your field

    thumb Jodie Wright

    5 star review  More humans like these people, please! You know people are special when they choose a career helping the vulnerable, despondent and broken in society. This company have solicitors and lawyers who are truly transparent and they are truly honest. It was easy to trust Nari Ali; a woman who is intuitive beyond her years, warm, patient and an undoubtedly has bright bright future ahead. I salute and thank you, Nari. To get to the point of exploring a TPD claim is utterly heinous and you wouldve already had a lawyer or two in your life. If you are there call these people, its a whole different ball game and experience. Who loves their lawyer?? every WKB client does, thats who.

    thumb Belinda Burrows
  • 5 star review  Extremely good service, keep-ed me informed every step of the way and couldn't be happier with the outcome Truly a professional service.Thank you, Warren

    thumb samantha cozma

    5 star review  I initially contacted Warren Bennet during May 2019 as a general enquiry via his website. The very next morning Warren made personal contact with me on the phone, and from our first conversation I knew this was the right Lawyer to use for my TPD claim. As a professional with extensive knowledge in his field, Warren has a very warm, friendly and extremely supportive approach. I always felt like I was dealing with someone that has known me for years! He has a great understanding of your individual needs, and when times became tough for me, Warren was so supportive which kept me motivated during the whole process. As the Principal of his law firm, he always makes time for his clients, and no request ever goes unnoticed, no matter how trivial your questions are. Warren is always there for his clients and his patience and kindness is what got me through challenging days. I can also say when the time came that he needed to defend my case, he certainly did and with the best possible outcome and result. I am amazed how quickly he was able to get my claim finalised and he did a terrific job of keeping on top of the claim during the whole process. Compared to other Law firms he has a standard fee at a very competitive rate too!Warren Bennett is definitely one in a million and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a TPD claim! Don’t hesitate in contacting him. He changed my life for the better!

    thumb Misty Cook
  • 5 star review  I'm so happy I found Warren. All he does is TPD claims. He was patient, an expert, and everything was explained to me in layman terms.The TPD claim took 6 months for approval due to questions me changing to another occupation as I couldn't be a Labourer anymroe.He even advised me on tax issues and Centrelink and referred me to a financial planner to save on tax. Highly recommend, great service and made me feel at ease.

    thumb Robert Baker

    5 star review  Warren successfully claimed TPD and salary continuance payments for me. He has always been a pleasure to deal with. He breaks things down into easy to understand manner. This was helpful as I find legal matters quite difficult to understand.

    thumb Jaime Hicks
  • 5 star review  Warren has looked after 3 TPD claims for me and he’s been amazing. He has demonstrated exceptional compassion and understanding. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough he provided updates even when the insurers were slow he kept me informed of what he was doing to expedite an outcome. He always returns emails and phone calls demonstrating his professionalism. His honesty during the process has been greatly appreciated. Warren was my best find in some very difficult times. Thank you Warren for everything!!

    thumb Mandy M

    5 star review  Warren took the time to keep us informed every step of the way. He understood the immense stress we were under dealing with medical issues and took care of the legal process allowing us to focus on other more important things. Highly recommend WKB Lawyers for getting results in a realistic time frame.

    thumb Jacqueline T
  • 5 star review  Mr Warren had been very easy to talk to, responsive to any questions and confusions and very understanding which made my claim journey very easy - I felt that it’s on right hands and I don’t have to worry now and many times when I was almost loosing hope Mr Warren was always there giving positive support. Very happy for getting the outcome on time as promised in the start. Would recommend 100%

    thumb Rakshya Khadka

    5 star review  Couldn’t be happier, if I could rate higher than 5 stars I would. Truly excellent service with expert knowledge and advice throughout. He was always available to answer our questions and took the stress away from us at such a difficult time. Thankyou again Warren, I will be recommending you to anyone I know who needs assistance.

    thumb corrine mclennan
  • 5 star review  I have been having trouble with a TPD claim for a while with a another law firm where I felt like more of a inconvenience until I approached WKB Lawyers where they were helpful, had direction and treated me like I was human as they constantly made themselves available to talk me through the process of my TPD claim and understood my situation. I can't thank them enough especially Nari who oversaw my claim.

    thumb Caleb White

    5 star review  Wonderful service prompt and reliable in calling back and sending documents etc. Nice people very friendly and helpful. Excellent !!

    thumb John Francis Hallinan
  • 5 star review  I don't know where to start. I was trying to claim my retrospective invalidly claim through PSS super. I had no help from PSS, and they were just telling me to withdraw my super and not make the claim. I contacted Warren and I'm so glad I did. The process was very smooth, he kept me up to date, did the claim forms, got the medical reports needed and returned my calls quickly. We got approved within 3 months, and I'm so thankful. So so happy!! I cant recommend Warren enough, all he does is Super claims and is an expert in my opinion.

    thumb Tracey D

    5 star review  I was very pleased with the hard work Warren put in to achieve a successful outcome with my trauma claim. The insurer had more or less told me I did not meet the definition for the auto immune disease I have. Once I appointed Warren to act on my behalf, things really changed. Thank you so much Warren!

    thumb Julie Bambrick
  • 5 star review  Thank you so much!! claim approved after it was declined!! great service and the team genuinely cared about my wellbeing.

    thumb Kylie Brimming

    5 star review  Great empathy and is most definitely a TPD guru. Everything was simple. He makes sure all medicals supported my claim. Really nice guy, very relaxed and calming lawyer in what was a very stressful situation for me. Thanks Warren!!

    thumb A Google User
  • 5 star review  I called around and found that personal injury firms were going to me charge lots. I found Warren on google and noticed his firm only do TPD claims. Not only did I feel comfortable instantly, he charged me a really good fixed rate. Warren ran my claim and he got my claim approved in 3 months. Cant recommend this firm enough. Always returned my calls and answered my emails very quick.

    thumb Jenny Rogers

    5 star review  If you are reading reviews trying to find a law firm who will do all of the hard work for you and really, I mean really care about you and your case, stop looking. Honestly, I cannot say enough about Warren and his firm they are amazing. They really looked after me from start to finish. We all know how difficult inusrance companies can be to deal with, well Warren's firm had me covered. To say that I am grateful dosen't even begin to cover it. I would encourage anyone who is looking for someone who will do all they can to make sure you get what you are entitled to and more to give Warren a call, you won't regret it, believe me. Thank you so much Warren and Andrea

    thumb timoti temete
  • 5 star review  Warren and his team are the best you will find. If it wasn’t for Warren I would have given up a long time ago at the first hurdle as the insurance company process was so complex. Warren advocated for me when I wasn’t able to and I will always be so grateful - he truly cares for his clients and understands the legal process. I highly recommend seeking the assistance of Warren and his team - you won’t regret it and it definitely helps take the stress out of the process and to know you have somebody on your side is invaluable. Thank you again!

    thumb Shara

    5 star review  Thank you so much for your help, it ment so much to me, you showed empathy and was understanding and made me feel like I am being heard. It helped me feel calm during the stressful times. Thank you!

    thumb Cindy Tayyah

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