How to Make a QSuper TPD claim – WKB TPD Lawyers

QSuper are a government Superannuation fund who service Queensland government workers. QSuper generally have quite generous policies for their members. However, over the last few years QSuper has changed the criteria to how they assess TPD claims. What Evidence will QSuper Require In a nutshell, you must provide QSuper with evidence, such as the initial […]

The Sunsuper TPD Assist Policy– How does it work? – WKB TPD Lawyers

Many people in Queensland, are members of Sunsuper, and from 1 July 2016, Sunsuper introduced, with its insurer AIA Australia, a new insurance policy which provides a benefit called TPD Assist. This insurance policy is substantially different to the Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”) insurance policy that Sunsuper previously provided to its members. Essentially, a TPD Assist […]

TPD Claims – Total and Permanent Disability – WKB TPD Lawyers

If you can no longer work the jobs you have done previously because of injury or illness, then you may be eligible to make a Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”) Claim through your Superannuation fund. TPD through your superannuation fund is designed to provide you with Income to supplement your loss of earnings that you […]