Unfortunately, back injuries are very common when you work in a physical type role. Most people when they suffer a back injury find it very difficult to return to the same job they were doing before the injury.

Being in this position can be a frightening experience because if you cannot work, your bills pile up, and you start to worry about how you will support your family. We find that people in this position will be very tempted to make a career change in the hope that they can provide for their family.

This career change usually involves office duties, this can also be something very frightening because you have had no experience in this type of work.

The good news is that if you have only ever done physical work, and you had no experience in office type duties on the date you got injured, then you may be eligible to make a Total Permanent Disability (“TPD”) claim through your superannuation fund.

This is very general advice. If you are unsure, please contact Warren Bennett for a free review of your case and we will run your case on a no win, no fee guarantee, if we take your claim on.