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Are you unable to continue work due to an injury or illness? Are you suffering from any disability or medical condition which restricts you from working? If yes, you might be eligible for insurance benefits under your superannuation fund and you need to hire a superannuation lawyer in Sydney

A person likely has more than one superannuation fund if they have worked in multiple jobs. But understanding the terms and conditions for the insurance policies mentioned in your superannuation fund can be challenging for most people. 

At WKB Lawyers, we have superannuation lawyers in Sydney to help you understand the legalese of these contracts. We evaluate the various policies under your superannuation fund and help you fight for an insurance claim. 

To file a successful superannuation claim, get in touch with us today.

Seek Help from Our Superannuation Lawyers in Sydney

A superannuation fund is like a safety net for retired employees in Australia. It allows people to save for their post-retirement life while ensuring a steady income source even when they stop working.

In some cases, employers include insurance policies within the superannuation fund to benefit the employee. If an employee cannot work due to an injury, illness, or death, the insurance policies under the superannuation fund can provide benefits to the family. 

Our qualified and experienced superannuation solicitors can help you claim benefits from a superannuation fund for the following:

Superannuation Lawyer Sydney

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) 

If an injury or illness has rendered you unable to work, you may be liable to a lump sum amount as part of your TPD insurance. This could be due to a physical injury, mental illness, or a medical condition that has made you unable to work. 

The amount you are liable to under your TPD insurance will depend on the terms of your insurance. Based on the terms of your insurance, your disability may be defined as: 

  • Being unable to work in ‘your’ occupation
  • Being unable to work in ‘any’ occupation

Our superannuation lawyers can help you file a TPD claim against your superannuation fund and get you the payment you deserve.

Income Protection 

If you are temporarily unable to work due to an injury or illness, you may be liable to get “salary continuance benefits” under the Income Protection Insurance. Under this scheme, employees are entitled to a salaried monthly income when they cannot work. 

Our superannuation solicitors can help you make a claim depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance. There may be a minimum waiting period before you start receiving the monthly payments. Typically, an employee will be paid about 75% of their pre-disability income.

Death/Terminal Illness Benefit

Some superannuation funds also offer death insurance benefits as part of their policies. In the event of an employee’s death, your superannuation account balance will be paid to the listed beneficiary (usually a spouse or children). This lump sum payment can be helpful to the family to manage their expenses, such as paying the mortgage and other bills. 

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When Can You Make Superannuation Claims?

If you cannot work due to an injury, illness, or medical condition, you may be liable to get certain benefits under your superannuation fund. Our superannuation lawyers in Sydney will evaluate the terms and conditions of your contract and help you receive the benefits you deserve. 

Superannuation claims can be made for the following reasons: 

  • Physical injuries 
  • Workplace injury 
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Cancer, stroke, or heart attack 
  • Mental health conditions 
  • Autoimmune condition, or motor neurone disease

Make a Successful Claim with Our Superannuation Lawyers in Sydney

At WKB Lawyers, we are committed to making successful superannuation claims to help you get the benefits you deserve. We have skilled and highly qualified lawyers with the experience to handle all types of claims related to superannuation funds. 

Do you want to file a claim against your superannuation fund? Get help from our superannuation solicitors to make a successful claim.


If a lawyer specialises solely in handling superannuation claims, they are recognised as a superannuation lawyer. These legal professionals possess extensive qualifications, high-level expertise, and years of experience in managing superannuation claims.

As per the latest rules, the minimum amount for a Super Guarantee to be paid by the employer is currently 10.5% of your employee’s base earnings. To know more about the terms and conditions of your superannuation fund, contact our lawyers.

Yes, you can name your children as the beneficiary of your superannuation fund. To know more, contact our superannuation lawyers.

A Superannuation lawyer specialises in providing legal advice and assistance for superannuation claims. They can help individuals get a fair payment in case of any dispute with the employer or the superannuation fund. At WKB Lawyers, our experienced superannuation lawyers have the experience and expertise to help people get their rightful payment through successful superannuation claims. 

Hiring a superannuation lawyer in Sydney can offer several advantages:

– Expertise: Superannuation laws can be complex, and a specialised lawyer can provide accurate and up-to-date advice.

– Claim assistance: They can help you navigate the process of making superannuation claims, ensuring you receive the entitlements you deserve.

– Dispute resolution: If you face conflicts with your superannuation fund or employer, a lawyer can represent your interests and seek resolution.

At WKB Lawyers, you get all these advantages. Our superannuation lawyers are the best in their fields and are here to help you navigate this legal process.

Taking effect on July 1, 2023, the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) rate for every employer has gone up. This refers to the minimum amount employers must contribute to their employees’ super funds. From the previous 10.5%, the SG rate has gone up to 11% this year. Contact our superannuation lawyers in Sydney to learn more about the new laws and compliances.

Superannuation is a mandatory retirement savings system in Australia. The employee contributes a certain percentage of their income, and the employer must also contribute a minimum fixed amount to the fund. The total amount is invested in various schemes to grow the money over time. Every superannuation fund has a preservation age, which refers to a time limit for employees to access the fund. Once members reach the agreed-upon preservation age, they can access these savings and use them for their retirement. 

If you have been denied access to your superannuation fund for any reason, contact us at WKB Lawyers for assistance.

If your employer has not been paying their Superannuation Guarantee on time, you can sue them over the non-payment of these contributions. The Federal Government has laws regarding the compliance of superannuation funds, and unpaid superannuation contributions are a serious penalty. Contact us at WKB Lawyers with details of your case to seek the right legal solution. 

It’s not uncommon to encounter situations where superannuation companies are reluctant to provide the full amount owed or attempt to prolong the payment process. In such cases, you will need a superannuation lawyer in Sydney who can protect your superannuation rights. They will assist you with the complex legal process of submitting a claim and ensure you receive the full benefits you are entitled to. At WKB Lawyers, we always put the needs of the client as our priority.

In the case of an unexpected death, the superannuation payment will be given to the listed beneficiary. In such cases, a will does not apply here. Only those listed as beneficiaries will be entitled to the superannuation payment.

Typically, the employer will stop contributing to the superannuation fund when the employee reaches 60 years or their retirement age.

If you have been named as a listed beneficiary for your husband’s superannuation fund, you will get the payment after he dies. If you need help in getting your claim, contact our lawyers.

A superannuation lawyer can assist you with successful superannuation claims. If you have reached the preservation age and want to access your funds, we can advise you on the process. We can also help you make claims for disability, early release, or death benefits. If there is any payment dispute with your employer or the super fund, our lawyers can represent your case. At WKB Lawyers, we specialise in superannuation law and are well-equipped to guide you through every aspect related to it.

Our superannuation lawyers can assist you with a wide range of legal issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Non-payment or underpayment of superannuation contributions by employers.
  • Early release of superannuation due to financial hardship or compassionate grounds.
  • Invalid or rejected superannuation claims.
  • Disputes with superannuation funds or employers regarding entitlements or benefits.
  • Compliance with superannuation laws and regulations.

To choose the right superannuation lawyer in Sydney, consider the following:

 – Experience: Look for a lawyer with expertise and a track record in handling superannuation cases.

 – Specialisation: Ensure they specialise in superannuation and related areas of law.

 – Reputation: Check reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputation and client satisfaction.

 – Consultation: Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and assess their approach to handling your case.

WKB Lawyers is a reputed law firm with significant industry experience handling superannuation claims. Our lawyers are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced. To book an initial consult, call us.

Yes, superannuation lawyers are specialised in helping you if your superannuation claim has been denied. They can review your claim, identify potential issues, and challenge the decision through negotiation or, if necessary, by initiating legal proceedings. If you have been denied your superannuation claim, get in touch with our team for assistance.

While engaging a superannuation lawyer for such disputes is not mandatory, having legal representation can significantly increase your chances of achieving a favourable outcome. Superannuation matters can be complex, and a lawyer can provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to protect your interests effectively. At WKB Lawyers, you can book an initial consultation to review your claim and determine the likeliness of its success.

Yes, there are time limits to making superannuation claims. But the time limits can vary depending on the nature of the claim and the applicable laws. You must consult with a superannuation lawyer at the earliest possible to understand the relevant timeframes and ensure you do not miss any deadlines.



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