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Have you stopped working due to an injury or illness? Do you have any disability or medical condition which restricts you from working? If yes, you may be entitled to insurance benefits under your superannuation fund. 

A person who has worked multiple jobs will likely have more than one superannuation fund. But understanding the terms and conditions laid out in the insurance policies under your superannuation fund can be difficult to understand, especially if you do not have legal knowledge.

At WKB Lawyers, we have experienced legal professionals who can help you decode the terms of your superannuation in Melbourne

Get in touch with our superannuation lawyers in Melbourne to find out the terms of your superannuation policy today.

Insurance Claims That Fall Under Superannuation in Melbourne

Superannuation funds are retirement plans offered to employees in Australia. It allows employees to save for their post-retirement life and ensure a steady income stream even after they stop working.

In addition to this, many superannuation companies in Melbourne also include various insurance policies in their funds. If an employee is unable to work due to an injury, illness, or death, the insurance policies provide benefits to take care of the family. 

Superannuation lawyers in Melbourne can help you claim benefits from a superannuation fund for the following:

Superannuation insurance claims

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) 

If you are unable to work for three or more months due to an injury or illness, you may be liable to a lump sum payment as part of your TPD insurance.

This can include physical injury, mental illness, or a medical condition that refrains you from returning to work.  

Depending on the terms of your TPD insurance, your disability may be defined as: 

  • Being unable to work in ‘your’ occupation
  • Being unable to work in ‘any’ occupation

Income Protection 

If an injury or illness has made you temporarily unable to work, you are liable to get “salary continuance benefits” under the Income Protection Insurance.

This means the employee gets a salaried monthly income for the period they cannot work. 

Depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance, there will be a minimum waiting period before the monthly payments commence.

Generally, an employee is paid only 75% of their pre-disability income.

Death/Terminal Illness Benefit

A few superannuation companies in Melbourne offer death insurance as part of their fund policies. In the event of your death, the balance of your superannuation account is paid to the listed beneficiary (usually a spouse or children).

This amount can help your family to manage expenses such as paying the mortgage and other bills. 

At WKB Lawyers, we have an experienced team specialising in the legalities of superannuation in Melbourne. Our lawyers are qualified, skilled, and have the know-how to handle all types of claims related to superannuation funds.

From TPD claims to Income Protection benefits, our lawyers have tricks up their sleeves to handle any complexity that may arise in such cases.

Superannuation melbourne

Who Can Make a Claim Against Superannuation Companies in Melbourne?

If you have suffered an accident, injury, illness, or medical condition that leaves you indisposed to work, do not worry much. With our superannuation lawyers in Melbourne, you can claim your superannuation fund to receive benefits. 

Superannuation claims can be made for the following reasons: 

  • Physical injuries 
  • Workplace injury 
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Cancer, stroke, or heart attack 
  • Mental health conditions 
  • Autoimmune condition, or motor neurone disease 

Get A Successful Claim with Our Superannuation Lawyers in Melbourne

WKB Lawyers are different from other law firms. We exclusively deal with cases related to superannuation funds and TPD policies. So, our superannuation lawyers in Melbourne have the unique expertise to deal with these legal matters.


Superannuation companies may seem like they have good intentions, but they do not want to pay your claims. They will often use delay tactics and try to cut down your payment amount. You need an experienced superannuation lawyer in Melbourne to ensure you are not cheated out of getting a fair payment. 

There are different time limits on making an insurance claim, depending on your claim type. It is always best to make your claim at the earliest opportunity. To know if you have a valid time limit for your claim, consult our lawyers for advice. 

WKB Lawyers follows the ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy. So, unless you receive a payout from your superannuation fund, you do not have to pay us any fee. 

This depends on the terms and conditions of your superannuation fund and its insurance policies. To find out how much benefit you may be eligible for, talk to our legal experts. 

It is impossible to say a fixed timeline for how long a superannuation claim takes. It can be anywhere between 6 to 18 months or more, depending on the complexity of the case. It may take even longer if the claim is rejected and you have to go to court. 

If you lost a loved one, you can file for a death benefit claim with the superannuation fund. The beneficiary is usually a spouse or children. The super fund decides the distribution of the payment. Hence, you need legal help to ensure you get your claim. 

Before making a superannuation insurance claim, you must have all documents and medical evidence with you. To know what documents you must have, consult our lawyers. 

If the super fund rejects your superannuation claim, our lawyers can help you challenge the decision in court. We have the skills and expertise to handle complex cases in court. 

Yes, non-work-related conditions can also be claimed under a superannuation policy. For example, if you have a car accident that renders you unable to work for some time, you may file for a claim to get insurance benefits. 

Yes, you may. As a self-employed person, if you have been paying regular contributions to a superannuation fund, you may be eligible to make a superannuation insurance claim. 

Yes, you can. You are eligible to get benefits from your superannuation fund even when you’re on WorkCover or TAC. 

Yes, an employee can claim superannuation benefits if they cannot work due to a psychological condition. 



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