How much Lawyers charge for TPD claims can be dependent on the law firm you choose.

Some law firms charge an overall percentage, some charge by the hour and other firms charge a fixed fee. It really does depend on which law firm you choose.

At WKB Lawyers, our lawyers charge for TPD claims at a fixed fee. Not only do our clients deserve to know the upfront cost, but our fees are also no win, no fee which means, if we don’t win your case, but you also pay nothing. That’s right, nothing including any expenses we pay upfront.

To be clear, Our fees are fixed plus GST and expenses. Expenses are for any medical reports and clinical notes only. We do not charge administration fees, fax, phone, or letter costs or any 25% uplift fees.

We are not a personal injury firm, but a TPD law firm only, meaning we only run and specialise in TPD/Permanent Incapacity claims.

This means that WKB Lawyers know every trick the insurance company can come up with decline your TPD claim.

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