WKB TPD Lawyers is a firm designed purely to service clients who can’t work anymore due to injury or illness.

We are not a generalist law firm—instead, we only do TPD claims. 

Why the focus on TPD? 

Our principal lawyer, Warren Bennett, has a wealth of experience working in personal injury law firms and as Senior Legal Counsel for a large insurer. 

As a lawyer working for personal injury firms, Warren noticed that most firms simply offered TPD on the side. In other words, they didn’t take it all that seriously. Many firms had a focus on Workers Compensation or CTP Insurance instead. That’s why Warren set out on a mission to establish a firm that makes TPD a serious practice area. 

Having advised on the TPD process from both sides of the fence means that Warren understands what it means to have an injury or illness that stops you from working. As he puts it, we can all recognise what it’s like to experience pain on some level, such as broken bone or another type of injury or illness. 

But what if that pain was permanent? 

If you can imagine that pain never going away, and all the impacts to your life as a result, you can see why we’re so passionate about specialising in TPD claims. While we can’t fix someone’s medical problems, we can fix their debt problems. For our law firm, getting someone that lump sum payout is a huge satisfaction. 

TPD has the potential to help many Australians

From PTSD to back injuries, TPD has the potential to help many people. TPD is designed to financially protect those suffering from a debilitating injury or illness which prevents them from working. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter what your injury or illness is, or how it was sustained—if it stops you from working permanently, then TPD may be an option for you. On top of this, TPD is automatically included in most people’s super. This means that many working Australians have access to TPD straight off the bat. While you still need to meet strict eligibility requirements to succeed in a TPD claim, the fact of the matter is that TPD has the potential to help many Australians suffering from a wide range of injury and illnesses. 

We know that the last thing you want to be doing after suffering an injury or illness is paperwork

We know that legal claims can be daunting, and TPD claims are no different. The process can be lengthy and complex. Insurers will look for any evidence that suggests a person is not eligible for TPD, so it’s very important that the claim is done as thoroughly and as carefully as possible.

But we get it—this convoluted and lengthy paperwork process is the last thing you want to be doing when you’re suffering from a debilitating injury or illness. That’s why we take the process out of your hands and into ours. Our expertise and passion for TPD claims means we are perfectly positioned to take on your case. We offer a No-Win, No-Fee Guarantee when we take your claim on. So while we handle all the paperwork and the nitty gritty, you can concentrate on your treatment. 

That’s why we do what we do. So that you can get the support you need from a firm dedicated to handling your claim thoroughly.

For more information, get in touch on 1800 865 225 or  warrenbennett@wkblawyers.com.au.