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Throughout the Sydney region and all over Australia, WKB Lawyers provides genuine, reliable and honest legal advice and representation on matters of Insurance Law.

We provide advice for both Claimants and Insurers in scenarios of disputes which can broadly vary from construction, professional theft and even public liability insurance.

If your Insurance Claim has been denied unfairly (under your Insurance Policy) or you are in the middle of a dispute with your provider; talking to a reliable and expert Insurance Lawyer at WKB Lawyers can be beneficial.

You will receive solid and trustworthy advice based on your circumstances, rights and responsibilities. We even offer free consultation on Insurance legal advice and about your claims.

Sydney Claims Lawyers: Insurance Claim Resolution Made Simple and Cost-Effective

For Claimants and Insurers, litigation may be a costly and time-consuming process. For convenience, we try to resolve tpd claims disputes before they go to court, using the Insurer’s internal review mechanisms and skilled negotiating. Our specialist Solicitors are available to provide support and legal advice so that you can make the best decisions for your situation.

insurance lawyers sydney
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Insurance Law Firm in Sydney

Our Lawyers and Solicitors vigorously protect our Client’s rights and entitlements in court, even against larger firms, where a resolution may not possible. We also represent Clients in Domestic Insurance-related legal problems.

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The Insurance market in Australia is one of the most regulated, complexed, and competitive markets. We at WKB Lawyers are familiar with the Insurance market and the need for providing our clients with effective claims handling and legal services.

Our experienced Insurance Claim Lawyers make up our Team, all of whom have extensive claims, regulatory, and litigation expertise and industry knowledge.

Possible Insurance Dispute where you need an Insurance Lawyer:

Many a times claims can get rejected but that does not mean you cannot recourse or appeal. With our experienced Insurance Lawyers, you will always receive assistance in following up with the decline of a claim by an Insurance Company.

Frequently used excuses include

  • They might not be convinced that the Claim is genuine;
  • Triggering the Insurance clause; 
  • Expired Insurance Policies; and/or
  • Cover note expiration.

If such excuses are encountered, and/or you feel you have been unfairly treated, we highly recommend implementing an experienced Insurance Lawyer who possesses precise understanding of the relevant legislations and extensive experience in giving solutions and interpretations on Insurance Policies that protect your rights

Your search for Insurance Lawyers near me’ ends here, with WKB Lawyers, you will have assistance in: 

  • Home Warranty Insurance; 
  • Building Insurance;
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance; and/or
  • Home and Contents Insurance.

Don’t let an Insurance Company intimidate you on Insurance Claims. Call our experienced Insurance Lawyers on 1800 865 225 or email us at

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