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Total And Permanent Disability Superannuation Claim

Unable to work due to an injury or illness? You might be eligible to make a Total And Permanent Disability Superannuation Claim! If your superannuation insurance includes TPD benefits, you may be eligible for compensation as stipulated in your superannuation fund policy.

At WKB Lawyers, we specialise in handling TPD Claims. If you find yourself incapacitated to work due to an injury, illness, or disability, please get in touch with our legal team. Our dedicated legal professionals are here to provide insights into your superannuation fund. We will assess the terms and conditions of your super fund and evaluate whether you’re eligible to make a TPD Super Claim.

Our lawyers will assist you in filing a TPD Claim, ensuring that you receive the benefits you’re entitled to under your superannuation policy.

What is a TPD Claim?

Most permanent employees in Australia are liable to superannuation benefits. While the main purpose of a super fund is to save for one’s post-retired life, it also includes other insurance benefits such as the Total And Permanent Disability Superannuation Claim

If and when an employee is unable to report to work for three or more months, they might be liable to get a lump sum payment as part of the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance benefit. 

TPD Super Claims can be made under either of these two conditions:

  • When you are unable to work in ‘your’ occupation 

  • When you are unable to work in ‘any’ occupation

All superannuation funds do not cover TPD Claims. So, you must consult an experienced lawyer to review the terms and conditions of your superannuation policy to know the specifics of your fund. 

WKB Lawyers has an experienced team of lawyers with expertise in superannuation laws and TPD Claims. If you feel you’re liable for TPD benefits under your super fund, contact us to learn more. 

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Who Is Eligible For a TPD Super Claim?  

Whether you can make a TPD Super Claim will depend on whether your superannuation policy covers the TPD benefit. 

A superannuation fund receives contributions from both the employer and the employee. The TPD coverage within a super fund comes from additional contributions made to the fund. To know whether your superannuation policy includes TPD coverage, contact a lawyer.

If your superannuation fund includes TPD insurance benefits, and you have suffered an injury or illness that has made you unable to work, then you may be liable to make a TPD Claim

The eligibility criteria for such claims typically depend on the following: 

Level of disability

To make a TPD claim, the employee must provide evidence for a certain level of disability. This evaluates whether they are unable to return to their previous role at work or no work at all.  

Waiting periods

Most super funds stipulate a waiting period after the accident or injury before employees can file a TPD claim. This is done to give time so that all the injuries and symptoms are stabilised, and the full extent of damage can be determined. 

Employment history

Some policies require an employee to complete a certain duration of employment before they are eligible to ask for a TPD benefit.  

Our experienced TPD specialist lawyers will assess your superannuation fund and determine whether you’re eligible to make a TPD Super Claim. We will help you understand the terms of your policy and guide you in lodging a claim, ensuring you receive full entitlements.  

How Much Can I Get From a TPD Claim?

TPD benefits can be claimed when an employee is unable to work for three or more months. This may put the worker’s family under financial hardship, in addition to paying the medical expenses for the injury or illness. If your superannuation covers TPD insurance, you may get a lump sum payment to help you tide through the tough times. 

The terms of your superannuation fund, the severity of your injury or illness, the nature of your disability, and the level of your employment – all these factors play a role in determining how much you are liable to receive under your TPD compensation payment. 

At WKB Lawyers, we will review and assess the terms of your superannuation policy to establish how much you can claim. We will help you lodge a TPD Claim and build a strong case to support your claim, ensuring you get the entitled benefits. 

How To Make a Successful TPD Claim?

Understanding the terms and conditions of your superannuation fund can be difficult for someone who is not familiar with legal jargon. By hiring TPD specialist lawyers, you will have an expert by your side. We will review your insurance policy to establish if you are liable to make a Total And Permanent Disability Superannuation Claim. Once settled, we will help you gather evidence to lodge a successful TPD claim against your super fund. 

At WKB Lawyers, we empathise with the financial challenges our clients may be facing. With this in mind, we have implemented a “no win, no fee” policy that alleviates the burden of upfront payments. The bill is only settled once the claim achieves success and the client receives their rightful compensation payout.

If you or anyone in your family cannot work due to an injury or illness, contact our lawyers for assistance. If you are uncertain about your eligibility to make a TPD super claim, allow our lawyers to assess your superannuation policy. They will carefully review the details and provide you with guidance on the appropriate next steps.

What If My TPD Claim Is Rejected?

If your TPD Claim is rejected, it usually happens if the super fund believes that you still have the capacity to work. Hire an experienced superannuation lawyer to fight your disputed claim. They will gather enough evidence to support your claim of disability and build a strong case for you, ensuring your rights are protected. 

At WKB Lawyers, we are TPD specialists. Our lawyers have the experience and expertise to handle all matters related to superannuation funds and TPD Claims. From lodging a claim to fighting a disputed claim, we can assist you with all of it.