The Adelaide TPD Lawyers Process can be a daunting task, many people often underestimate how much work you have to do to get the TPD claims process started. Below is a basic idea of what’s required in order to be able to submit a TPD super claim.

Understand the TPD Claims Definition

Firstly, you will need to understand the TPD super claim definition to see if you may qualify. This can be complicated and will require a good understanding before you decide to make a TPD claim. There are many types of definitions depending on circumstances and your superannuation fund, but most people are assessed under these criteria:

• Ceased work because of injury or illness;
• Have not been able to work for either 3 or 6 consecutive months; and
• To prove with medical evidence, that you are unlikely ever to return to work that you are reasonably suited to within your education, training or experience.

You can request the policy document from your superannuation fund or see my video below.

Evidence Required for TPD Claims

You must provide the insurer and your superannuation fund with evidence, such as the initial claim form, Certified ID, a signed authority, and 2 medical reports from your treating doctors, that supports that you can no longer work in an occupation for which you are reasonably suited by way of education, training or experience due total permanent injury or illness. In other words, your resume. The medical evidence should show that you are totally permanently disabled from returning back to work.

The 2 medical reports are very important, they need to confirm you are totally permanently disabled from returning back to work.
You will need to review these once received to make sure all the right boxes are ticked and are supportive. If the reports do not support TPD, then give your Adelaide TPD Lawyers a call on 1800 865 225 to discuss.

Further Evidence You May Be Required to Provide For Your TPD Claim

However, this is only the start, the TPD Claims process can be onerous and often a lot more information is requested including but not limited to:
1. Clinical notes from all your treating doctors;
2. Your statutory benefits claim file if you were on Workcover or receiving benefits under a CTP scheme;
3. Information from your employer in the form of an employer statement;
4. If self-employed, your BAS, business tax returns, and payslips;
5. ATO Records;
6. Medicare Records; and
7. Centrelink Records.

How Long Does It Take to Assess My TPD Claim?

Once the TPD claim is lodged, it can take 6 to 24 months before the claim has been resolved.
WKB TPD Lawyers make sure the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Unfortunately, TPD claims can be very hard to get approved due to the Insurer not wanting to pay, multiple requests for information, delaying your claim by poor communication practices or requesting you to see multiple specialists.

TPD superannuation insurance claims can be quite complex, it’s very important to contact WKB TPD Lawyers at 1800 865 225 or visit our website to see if you may be eligible.

WKB TPD Lawyers are not a generalist personal injury firm, in fact, we only do TPD claims.

Disclaimer: This is very general, each claimant has different situations, and super policies vary.