Being forced to leave work due to an injury or illness can be quite disheartening. Besides health issues, one also has to worry about household finances and medical expenses. In such cases, TPD claim can be helpful. A successful claim provides a lump sum amount of money that can help you take care of your financial constraints.

If you cannot work or return back to work due to an injury or illness, you might be eligible for a superannuation TPD claim. But the process of claiming the insurance is complex and challenging. Most insurers are not willing to pay out the money and drag the process for months or even years.

Get help from professional TPD insurance lawyers. At WKB Lawyers, we have an experience of over 40 years. As specialist TPD lawyers, we know all the tricks in the trade to make a successful TPD insurance claim.

3 Things You Can’t Miss in a TPD Claim

The most common TPD claims are often rejected by insurers at the first step itself. The claim process can feel daunting for someone doing it for the first time. With the support of WKB Lawyers, you have expert guidance in this challenging times.

Understand the Definition of TPD in Your Claim

 TPD stands for ‘Total and Permanent Disability’. But the definition of disability can differ across companies and insurance policies. To determine if you are eligible for the claim, you need to understand the conditions laid down in your TPD policy. This is where TPD Claim lawyers can help.

Usually, TPD policies cover the following clauses:

  • Any occupation: The claimant is declared unfit to perform any job that may be suited to them as per their experience, education, and training.
  • Own occupation: The claimant is declared unfit to perform the job that they currently have.

A TPD lawyer can help you understand the different definitions mentioned in your policy and guide you in how to proceed with your claim.

Submission of the Claim Form

The TPD Claims process starts with the initial claim form provided by the insurer. This is the most important document while claiming your TPD insurance.

In the claim form, the insurer may ask you questions related to your disability, medical records, job experience, education qualifications, family income, and more. Navigating through a TPD claim form can feel overwhelming for someone doing it for the first time.

Insurance claim lawyers have experience in navigating a complicated claim form. They know how to interpret each question and understand the information the insurer seeks. Lawyers can help you to draft your answers while ensuring that no crucial information is left out.

Providing Medical Evidence

An integral part of making successful TPD Claims is to provide supporting medical evidence for your disability. From the primary injury report to the subsequent follow-up reports, all medical documents must be in the right order.

For a successful claim, the claimant must submit medical reports from their treating doctors supporting their disability claim. With the help of TPD insurance lawyers, you can navigate this process smoothly. Lawyers also have contacts with medical specialists who can examine your illness or injury and provide a detailed medical certificate supporting your claim.

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