Mrs P was involved in a car accident in early 2018 which resulted in back, neck and secondary PTSD. Since the accident, the claimant could no longer return to work as a Nurse.

Mrs P had TPD Insurance in the amount of $400,000.00. In September 2018, Mrs P submitted the TPD claim. By April 2019, Mrs P was getting no where and no closer to a decision.

The claimant contacted Warren at WKB TPD Lawyers in early April 2019 for advice, Mrs P advised the insurer wanted to send her to an independent medical examination, and that she would have to sell her house in 3 months unless she was approved.

Within 2 weeks after the initial consultation, Warren obtained the claim file, reviewed the claim, and submitted a lengthy submission in support of Mrs P TPD claim outlining various cases that had been decided in the courts, along with the insurers duties, and various breaches of the life insurance code of practice.

Within 3 weeks of the submission being sent to the insurer, WKB TPD Lawyers were advised the TPD claim had been approved.

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