Mrs D suffered a stroke in 2016 and has had to resign under medical grounds as a registered nurse due to loss of her right hand and speech problems.

Mrs D did not know she could make a claim under her super for the Retrospective Invalidity Claim  which involves a lump sum, and a benefit amount paid monthly for life. Mrs D was receiving no help from her super fund and by chance, she found out that she had such a benefit to claim.

Mrs D was frustrated and received no help from her super fund when making enquires wanting to claim her Retrospective Invalidity Claim. Mrs D’s super told her to just withdraw her super.

Lucky Mrs D didn’t give up. She contacted WKB Lawyers for expert advice. After a review of the super fund policy and correspondence from her treating doctors. WKB Lawyers quickly submitted the claim and was approved after 2.5 months.

What this meant is Mrs D does not have to use her super balance, but instead, can now rely on the lump sum plus a healthy monthly benefit amount for the rest of her life. Safe to say Mrs D was over the moon with our work.

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