If you’re suffering from a total and permanent disability, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all the sudden changes to your life. Your ability to manage daily tasks, to work, to enjoy your hobbies…all of this can become a challenge. And then there’s the added expense of ongoing medical bills and treatment. 

At WKB we’re proud to say that the work we do helps ease some of these challenges. If you’re suffering from a total and permanent disability and are unable to work, we can help you claim TPD cover and ease some of your financial stress. But we also recognise that managing a severe condition doesn’t stop there. That’s why we want to highlight some of the other steps you can take in addition to making a TPD claim. 

Firstly, let’s break down the steps to making a TPD claim and how we can help. 


  • Check with an experienced lawyer if you are eligible for TPD 


When it comes to making TPD claims, many people don’t realise that there are different definitions of TPD used by different insurers.

Some require that you are unable to return to work within your education, training and experience while others are assessed on your ability to perform activities of daily living. Some have retraining clauses, and some contain different definitions altogether. So whether or not you may claim TPD for your injury or illness really comes down to your insurer’s definition of ‘total and permanent disability.’ 

It does get complex, and it’s usually worth seeking legal assistance to ensure the best outcome possible. WKB TPD Lawyers offer a No-Win, No-Fee guarantee if we take your claim on. The TPD process can be daunting and lengthy, but having an experienced team on hand can take some of the stress away.

If you’ve already submitted a TPD claim and it’s been rejected, we can still assist. We’ve helped many people with rejected claims by successfully arguing their cases to the Insurer or reaching a settlement at the Supreme Court, and we offer a free review of your case and its prospects. Contact WKB TPD Lawyers on 1800 865 225 or on warrenbennett@wkblawyers.com.au


  • Seek support


Securing financial relief is just one part of managing injury or illness. No matter what a lawyer tells you about the likelihood of making a TPD claim, it’s important to seek support. Whether it’s assistance to manage pain, improve your mobility, or to handle the stress of having a disability, support services are essential to improving the quality of your life. Here are some great services we recommend you check out: 


  • Reach out, meet like-minded individuals, join a community


In addition to support services, a community of understanding individuals is key to your wellbeing. Studies show that joining a community increases motivation, creates friendships and presents new opportunities. Finding people who understand what you’re going through is an integral part of managing your life with an injury or illness. For a directory of community groups around the nation, click here: 


At WKB TPD Lawyers, we know experiencing a severe injury or illness can significantly hinder all aspects of a person’s life, and that managing the financial stress is only one part of the equation. So be sure to reach out and access the support you need. 

If you are seeking to make a TPD claim due to an injury or illness, contact WKB TPD Lawyers on 1800 865 225 or on warrenbennett@wkblawyers.com.au