NSW Motor Vehicle Accidents

NSW Vehicle Accidents

If you were injured in an vehicle accident you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Strict time limits apply.

Many people are unaware that they may be entitled to compensation under the New South Wales motor accidents compensation scheme. This is because the compensation scheme doesn’t just cover people injured in car accidents. The motor accident compensation scheme extends to passengers injured in car accidents, pedestrians crossing the road, cyclists and pillion passengers on motorbikes. The motor accident compensation scheme also covers people injured in car accidents where the car that was at fault, was uninsured or unregistered or where the car cannot be identified as it was a ‘hit and run’.

If you have been injured in a car accident in New South Wales, you need to talk to WKB Lawyers. We offer free telephone consultation where we can discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and the compensation you may be entitled to including:
  • Immediate payment of your medical expenses up to $5,000.00.
  • Reimbursement of medical and rehabilitation expenses and potential payment for any future medical expenses.
  • Compensation for economic loss including loss of wages and superannuation and potential future economic loss.
  • Compensation for non-economic loss meaning compensation for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Compensation for non-economic loss will only be available if it is found that you have suffered a Whole Person Impairment of over 10%.
  • Legal costs.

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Why choose WKB Lawyers

  • WKB Lawyers will take the stress away from you, so you can concentrate on your treatment. The only thing you will need to do is sign some documents.
  • We have the financial muscle and expertise to fight the big Insurers.
  • All we do is TPD and Accident claims.
  • No admin costs.
  • Warren handles your file from start to finish.
  • We know the law and can explain it in simplistic terms to you.
  • We are on your side because we care.
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No Win No Fee Guarantee

If you are considering submitting a claim, WKB Lawyers act for all of our clients on a No Win, No Fee Guarantee.

You can be assured that: –

  • No hidden costs will be charged at the end of your claim.
  • No 25% uplift fee.
  • No expenses for photocopying, printing and faxing.

Our fixed fees will be determined on a number of factors including but not limited to, strength of your case, and the complexity of your case.

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical help if you or anyone else is injured.

You will then have 28 days to make a police report from the date of accident and get the details of the "at fault" drivers rego number, and CTP Insurer.

In some instances, you may not even realise you have been injured until a few days later as conditions such as whip lash are often not felt straight away. A medical professional will be able to help you diagnose injuries and advise how they best be treated.

It is important that you advise your Doctor that your injuries were sustained as a result of a motor vehicle accident and that this is noted down in your medical notes. Once you have sought medical help and advice, contact WKB Lawyers. We will be able to tell you whether you are eligible to make a compensation claim.

The compensation entitlements you can claim is dependant on your case. No two cases are the same. Once WKB Lawyers motor  has assessed your situation they will be able to advise all of the entitlements you can claim.

Generally, in most cases, you can claim for:

– Loss of income
– Hospital expenses
– Rehabilitation Costs
– Home Assistance
– Pain and Suffering
– Loss of Life Enjoyment

Strict time limits do apply to motor vehicle accidents compensation claims. While these time limits differ state to state it is advised to contact WKB Lawyers as soon as possible. Claim lodgement dates can be time sensitive but with the help of a vehicle accident expert, you will ensure all lodgement deadlines are met.

When you work with WKB Lawyers the compensation claim process could not be easier. Our top lawyers will assess your situation to ensure that you have a solid case. From here we will look further into the situation that caused your injuries, taking care to ensure we have all the information we need. Once all information is gathered we will work to seek compensation through negotiations either with insurance companies or persons at fault. If negotiations do not work then we will help you through the Court process.

This all depends on your case. Compensation claims can take anywhere from one to three years however this may take longer depending on:

– Your injuries and injuries of other parties that have not yet been equalised and maintained.
– Negotiation difficulties
– Delays in Court if your case reaches that point

WKB Lawyers will be able to give you an estimate of how long things will take to progress and for you to receive entitlements, always making sure you are updated with any changes.