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Are you suffering from an injury, illness or disability that renders you unable to work? Are these health complications preventing you from working in a job that you are trained or qualified for?  If so, have you considered claiming Income Protection Insurance lawyer in Brisbane or compensation for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance through your Superannuation?

If you are sick or injured and are unlikely to work, you may be entitled to claim on your Income Protection Policy. Depending on the acceptance of your Claim and Policy Terms and Conditions, the Insurer will pay 75% of your take-home income that you have missed due to injury or health issues.

Our experienced TPD Lawyers in Brisbane will guide you throughout the Claim Process for your Income Protection Insurance and ensure you obtain the best possible outcome. The Insurance Claim Process can be complicated and time-consuming. We will simplify the entire Claim Process by understanding your case, handling related paperwork, and explaining the terms of the procedure. When you choose WKB Lawyers for Insurance and TPD Claims, you will have complete peace of mind to concentrate on your well-being.

What is Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance provides you with a lump sum compensation if you are unable to work due to injury, illness, or disability. TPD Insurance claims can help protect your financial well-being during such challenging times by paying for:

  • Medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, therapy, and rehabilitation costs that are not covered under Medicare or Health Funds);
  • Debts such as a mortgage and living expenses;
  • A carer or care support;
  • Modifications for your home that might arise from changes in your mobility; or

Additional disposable income if your partner cannot work to look after you.

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TPD Insurance Claim Evidence Requirement

You can be eligible for a TPD Insurance Claim by providing all the below-mentioned evidence stating your disability, injury, or illness:

  • A resume (stating the name of your employer, the period you worked with them, and a summary of your work duties);
  • Certificates or degrees as supportive proof of your education or training; 
  • Medical evidence, inclusive of your complete medical records and reports;
  • A Statement of Employment that is provided by the Superannuation Fund; and
  • An Independent Medical Examination (IME) with a Specialist Doctor. 

Once you submit all the required documentation and evidence, the Insurer will prepare a determination. Our expert TPD Lawyers possess thorough understanding of Insurance Law and regularly practice TPD Claims and Income Protection Insurance Claims so you can rest assured when entrusting us with your Claim

Why Choose Us?

At WKB TPD Lawyers, we are well-versed with Superannuation Law and can explain the entire process in simple terms. Our experienced Lawyers will organise everything that you need for your TPD Claim. Since TPD Claims can be onerous, it may require you to provide additional information. Our Law Experts will always keep an open conversation with you to ensure all documentation and evidence requirements are completed. 

  • No Win, No Fee Guarantee
  • TPD Insurance Claim Specialist
  • Premium Client Service
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  • Constant Support

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