At WKB Lawyers, we understand the traditional law firm model is quickly becoming outdated. Most firms are expensive, give little clarity on what things will cost, and are terrible at communicating. We decided when starting WKB that we had no interest in having a firm like that, so we do something different.

We have a No Win, No Fee Guarantee policy and we can assure you that there are no hidden costs, no 25% uplift fees and no expenses for photocopy, printing or faxing.

Why fixed pricing?

Billing by the hour creates significant uncertainty about how much a matter will cost. Put simply, it places clients like you in a situation where you’re forced to make a decision without actually knowing what it could cost you. You wouldn’t order breakfast, then pay a restaurant for the time it takes to make your breakfast, so why would you pay any service provider? Legal work is a service, and having clarity and certainty on costs is achievable with our approach.

At the end of the day, we want you to trust us completely so we can work together. We feel that making clients pay for calls or other ancillary costs does nothing but stifle our ability to work together. We would hate anyone to baulk at picking up the phone because they are worried about it costing them money, and time-based billing tends to create these scenarios. We value a close working connection with our clients where they feel looked after and view fixed fee pricing as a way to take the worry of costs out of the relationship.

What do we take into account when offering you a fixed fee?

We will take into account the value of your claim and your personal circumstances and we are always happy to negotiate with you. Our focus is on helping you get the best possible result for your matter – it’s not on billable hours or working inefficiently in order to bill you more. When you call us, you know that you are getting an experienced lawyer on the other end of the phone who isn’t going to take you for a ride.

If you are considering submitting a claim, WKB TPD Lawyers act for all of our clients on a No Win, No Fee Guarantee. You can be assured that:

  • You will know how much you will pay from the outset;
  • No hidden costs will be charged at the end of your claim;
  • No 25% uplift fee;
  • No expenses for photocopying, printing and faxing;
  • We don’t charge a percentage; and
  • We don’t charge like a Personal Injury Law Firm because we are not one.
  • Our fixed fees will be determined on a number of factors including but not limited to, the strength of your case, and the complexity of your case.

As TPD claims can be quite complex, it’s very important to contact WKB TPD Lawyers on 1800 865 225 or visit our website to see if you may be eligible.

WKB TPD Lawyers are not a generalist personal injury firm. In fact, we only do TPD claims.