Most individuals have private insurance in place for any possible physical injury or severe mental illness in future. Apart from private insurance, you may come across several Superannuation funds, often known as TPD insurance. TPD insurance allows individuals to claim for a “totally and permanently” disability. Claimants have to prove they’re unlikely to work due to any injury or illness. In other words, you are unlikely to return to work again or are incapable of working the same job again due to illness or injury. Before considering TPD insurance, most individuals have the same question – how long does a TPD claim take?

Most TPD claim time frames depend on the complexity of the case and available resources. Sometimes, you might also have to deal with delays from the insurer, which can be challenging and frustrating. In such cases, it is imperative to consider the assistance of an expert TPD claim lawyer. 

In this article, we will cover every aspect of the TPD claim time frame and provide you with an insight into the claim process. 

Is There a Wait Period Before I Can Lodge My TPD Claim?

Generally, before claiming for TPD, you should be off work for the prescribed waiting period. The waiting period could be either three or six months depending on the policy. Some insurers may tell you that you are not allowed to start with the claim process or ask for a claim form until the expiration of the waiting period. However, you have the right to waive off the wait period and process with claiming your TPD fund on an early note.

If you’re unable to work due to any physical injury or mental illness, our expert TPD lawyers can assist you with the process. 

How Long Will My TPD Claim Take?

The time frame of the TPD claim depends on when you have submitted the claim form and the required evidence. Once you send the claim form to your insurer, it can take anywhere between 3 to 12 months. Between the mentioned time span, the insurer will cross-check all the details and decide on your claim. 

However, you should also know that the answer to the question of how long a TPD claim takes may vary from one case to another. Complex cases may go beyond the standard 3 to 12 months. Hence, your claim procedure time will depend on various factors relating to the assessment of your claim.

What Sort of Documents Are Required When Assessing TPD Claim?

When claiming your TPD fund, you will be asked to provide the following information or documentation:

  • Medical evidence (doctors reports, clinical notes and referrals)
  • Employment History (reports from employer and copies of your CV or job history)
  • Financial Documents (tax documents, payslips and Centrelink documents)

How Can I Get a Quicker TPD Claim Benefit?

Accurate documentation may help you get a quick TPD claim. However, if your claim is taking more than three months (or even years) to process, it is recommended to get in touch with an expert Sydney claims lawyer

An expert TPD lawyer who specialises in TPD claims can help expedite your Superannuation TPD claim. You can also consider their assistance in case your claim has been rejected. Such legal escalation may force some trickster insurer to eventually accept your claim without delay and provide you with the deserved payout.

If the insurer still refuses to accept your TPD claim, then our experienced  lawyers will assist you with gathering relevant evidence and can represent you in court. A successful Superannuation insurance claim will ensure you receive a lump sum payout.

Why Do Insurers Often Delay TPD Claims?

Processing a TPD claim may take a reasonable time. Your insurer will have to assess each document carefully and identify potential loopholes before giving it a go. However, some insurers deliberately slow down the process by asking for irrelevant documentation or information bit by bit. 

Insurers receive the highest amount of premium but work on the lowest claims. It is unethical of such insurers to delay the deserved payout of claimants. Besides, no insurer can delay a TPD claim unreasonably. Insurers will have to provide relevant and accurate reasons to reject or delay the claim. 

Claimants should be sent for medical examinations immediately. Failure of obligation means breaking the law. Insurers must comply with the law and ensure claimants receive their deserved payout as soon as possible.

If your insurer is delaying your deserved claim unnecessarily or you want to know more about your legal right for a TPD claim, call us on 1800 865 225. We have assisted hundreds of claimants with their TPD Insurance claims in Brisbane and provided them with peace of mind.